Golf Rehab CA

Golf Rehab

Having trouble returning to your golf game? Perhaps rehabilitation related to your golf game would help! Our provider Andrea Manganiello, PT, DPT has her Level 1 certification with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). This advanced training includes evaluating a players physical readiness using a physical assessment screen and correlating these results to the player’s swing characteristics.

What are the Benefits?

Whether you are a novice golfer, weekend golfer or a professional, our golf physical therapy rehab program works for you. Benefits include:

  • Corrective exercise application
  • Decreased painful movement patterns
  • Decreased risk of further injury
  • Education in weight training for golf
  • Golf training exercises and fitness programs
  • Play the game of golf with greater efficiency
  • Strength training specific to golf
  • Total body movement assessment

A golfer can spend hundreds of dollars on the latest equipment, but may forget that golf fitness training for the body is the most important tool. Strength training for golf and golf exercise training are vital aspects of improving and maintaining your golf game – and staying healthy.

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