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Motion Matters Physical Therapy is an outpatient Physical Therapy clinic in Sanger, California. We opened our doors in 2011 and remain locally owned and operated. Motion Matters Physical Therapy serves the communities of Sanger, Clovis, Fresno, Parlier, Del Rey, Reedley, Dinuba, and Orange Cove as well as the surrounding foothill communities of Squaw Valley and Wonder Valley.

Whether you are a senior, active or sedentary, professional or weekend athlete, we have the tools and techniques to get you back to your desired mobility level! Our experienced Physical therapist team has one goal – to get you back to those activities that you enjoy!

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"Welcoming and Professional Environment"

Christine and the staff are incredibly welcoming and professional. They strive to make you feel comfortable in an often times uncomfortable environment for many going through the recovery process. I would recommend Motion Matters to anyone, and everyone if you are recovering from an injury/surgery.

"Professional, Caring & Attentive"

First physical therapy treatment I have received. I really liked the schedule. all staff are professional, caring and attentive. I had visits with Matt and Christine throughout my treatment and liked both therapists very much. they explained and demonstrated how to do exercises. I would highly recommend them.

"Great way to get your health back!"

I was in excruciating pain, taking hardcore pain meds and they changed everything. With guidance, I learned self-care and have improved dramatically. (no meds at all, within a few weeks)

We Commit To Each One of Our Patients

Matthew Manwarren

Matthew Manwarren, PTA, is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. He works hard to make sure each patient is treated with the utmost respect...

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Dr. Andrea Manganiello

Andrea Manganiello, PT, DPT, CSCS is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. She strives to deliver the best care to her patients by...

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Dr. Christine Turrentine

Christine Turrentine, PT, DPT is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy with more than 10 years of experience. Christine has been the business...

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Erica Lira

Erica is one of our amazing Physical Therapy Aides. She may be helping instruct you on the proper use of exercise equipment in...

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Angie Nava

Angie is one of our amazing Physical Therapy Aides. She is highly motivated by the friendships and connections established with patients. She is...

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Ashlee Quintana

Ashlee is our Office Manager and has been with Motion Matters Physical Therapy since the beginning! Ashlee has worked in multiple physical therapy...

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Conditions We Treat

At Motions Matter Physical Therapy We Strive to Always Provide The Most Effective and State-of-the-Art Treatments Available


Is your pain making difficult for you to concentrate? Did you hope that it will go away but its still there?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those three question and you want to call us and make an appointment to see one of our qualified Physical Therapist. She will interview you, find out your problem, layout the customized plan for you and work with you personally.

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