I have hesitated to start this blog for a while.  I was busy.  I was nervous to share and be open.  I felt safe to be as private as possible and not share.  But then I realized there’s an audience out there and maybe I do have something to contribute.  For a long time I’ve thought there’s so much information out there I don’t have anything unique or special to share.  But recently I started feeling like maybe I do have a unique vantage point.

Physical Therapy often seems misunderstood to me as a profession.  So many times I introduce myself as a Physical Therapist and people assume – oh you do deep tissue massage? It’s a small part of what I do…yes I perform manual therapy, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, and sometimes deep tissue massage.  But that’s just barely touching the surface!  My aim from the get go is to find how the body is moving, what modifications are present and how did your body came to this place?  Is your foot and ankle pronated because your arch is set in this posture or are the external rotators in your hip weak?  What are the contributing factors?  What activities can you no longer do because it just hurts and you’ve just given up and stopped doing?  Our bodies are made to move, meant to carry us to walk, hike, run, squat.  To give up on movement is to have given up on a part of yourself.

My first experience in Physical Therapy was with my Mom. My mother had post-polio syndrome and leg weakness which affected her ability to walk, her balance and most of all her endurance.  I was introduced to Physical Therapy as an alternative to so many more invasive treatments or treatments with side effects.  What a beautiful thing to be able to teach your body to move again!  And that’s what I try to do every day.  Teach bodies to move again…

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-Christine Turrentine, PT, DPT

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