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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists are movement specialists who can evaluate and treat any movement related disorders.  Physical Therapists are skilled in evaluating and treating a multitude of conditions, and we are happy to get patients seen quickly after injury to minimize recovery time- and discomfort.  Please see conditions we treat list here.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription?

No, you do not need a referral to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist in the state of California.  Some insurance plans may require the referral for payment.  We will verify this with your insurance and will be happy to assist you with obtaining the referral if it is needed.

What can I expect at my first visit?

Our skillful physical therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation that will determine the root cause of your problem. You and your therapist are a team working together to achieve your overall goals. The therapist will design a treatment plan specific to your problem that will include manual hands on interventions, modalities specific to your problem, and specific exercises including a home exercise program.  Your therapist will educate you on your diagnosis, treatment plan and how this condition will affect you.

How can I prepare for my first visit?

  • We encourage you to download new patient forms and complete them beforehand, as this will save you time at your initial visit. Your evaluation could take between 60-80 minutes, depending on your individual needs. Follow up visits are generally 60 minutes, but may vary by individual.
  • Bring your insurance card: A copy of your insurance card will be taken on your first visit to ensure accurate and timely billing of your therapy.
  • Bring any X-rays, test results, medication list and a referral if one was given to you. A referral is not needed in most cases to be seen in physical therapy.
  • Bring your calendar. It is helpful to bring your calendar so that you may schedule several appointments in advance to ensure several appointments in advance.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a list of questions and your goals for physical therapy.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Motion Matters Physical Therapy accepts most insurance plans, including (but not limited to) Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicare, United Health Care, Automobile/motor accident and  most Worker’s Compensation insurance.  We file insurance claims for our patients with participating providers.  Our billing department will verify your physical therapy benefits for you prior to or immediately following your first visit.  Your applicable copay/coinsurance will be due at time of service.

We encourage you to speak with our front office staff at (559) 876-1191 should you have questions or concerns regarding your insurance plan.

What are your hours?

Depending on the day of the week our first appointment is 7 AM and our last appointment is typically at 5:45 PM.  Saturday appointments are also available during our busiest times of year.