Motion Matters Physical Therapy is locally owned and operated by Christine and Andrew Turrentine.  We are a small business with a big mission.  To be the provider of choice in our local community by providing exceptional service.  Our top priorities are providing excellent care and gaining superior results for our patients.

We provide exceptional service by delivering one on one patient care and dedicated treatment time with your Physical Therapist.  Your first visit will include a detailed assessment with one of our Physical Therapists who will determine what treatment will be best for your symptoms.  Our goal is mutual – to determine a treatment plan that will get you back to your usual activities as quickly as possible!

Christine Turrentine, PT, DPT

Christine Turrentine, PT, DPT is a licensed Physical Therapist with more than 10 years of experience.  Christine has been the business owner of Motion Matters Physical Therapy since November, 2013.  She has extensive experience in outpatient orthopedics as well as home care and skilled nursing. Christine has practiced as a physical therapist in Canada, Washington State and California. She brings a wealth of knowledge with focus in orthopedic care. She is a skilled manual therapist and enjoys developing individualized hands-on treatment for her patients. She is driven by working closely with her patients to reach their personal activity and mobility goals.

Christine received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2006 from the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  In 2015 she completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy with emphasis in Management with Evidence in Motion.Christine is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association as well as Orthopedic and Private Practice divisions.

In her spare time Christine enjoys spending time with her husband Andrew.  They enjoy heading up to the mountains or the coast for a hike and a good meal!  Christine enjoys running, cycling and yoga.

Ben Fox, PT, DPT

Ben Fox, PT, DPT graduated from Fresno State with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017.  Ben enjoys being active.  He is passionate about physical activity – he was a decorated track athlete at Sanger High School and also competed at the collegiate level at Fresno State.  He is a self-declared Track & Field nerd.  When not at work he can be found pursuing pretty much any activity outdoors or involved in various sports!  Ben’s wife Annemarie is also very active and is a collegiate track and field athlete.  Ben has a passion for many activities including travelling, camping, hiking, triathlon training, golf, tennis, beach volleyball, cycling and running.  Ben is a skillful and focused Physical Therapist and is motivated by finding the right combination of Physical Therapy treatment to find a solution to his patient’s symptoms.  He is driven by seeing improvements in the quality of life of his patients.  A quirky thing about Ben?  True to his declaration of being a track and Field nerd, at one point in High School he had ALL track records memorized!  He claims to still know half of them.

Matt Zeldin, PT, DPT

Matt Zeldin, PT, DPT graduated from Fresno State with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2015.  He is inspired to be the greatest physical therapist he can be and deliver the best care for his patients.  Matt is a life-long learner and loves taking continuing education classes to further his skills as a PT in order to deliver the best care to his patients.  Matt is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and return to their normal life, especially after going through a traumatic injury.  He enjoys exercising and views Physical therapy as a form of medicine at its best…exercise for healing!  Matt is a HUGE sports fan.  One of his heroes growing up was Derek Jeter, as he feels he was one of the greatest at what he did.  Matt grew up watching the Yankees as his father is from New York.  When he’s not at work he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Heather, going to the gym, cooking, going to the movies, and binge watching Netflix shows.  He also enjoys the outdoors and has taken advantage of our beautiful surroundings to go hiking in Yosemite or snowboarding at China Peak.  Matt can also be found traveling to San Diego to visit family, go the the beach and even get on a surf board.  Something quirky about Matt?  He has become a big fan of “The Price is Right” which is usually playing at the clinic each weekday on the TV in the gym area of the clinic.  Matt has even taken to watching “The Price is Right” on his day off!

Ashlee, Office Manager

Ashlee is our Office Manager and has been with Motion Matters Physical Therapy since the beginning!  Ashlee has worked in multiple physical therapy environments for more than a decade.  She loves working in physical therapy knowing that she is making a difference in people’s lives and her own.  She is experienced both in back and front office tasks and is highly motivated to always keep things running smoothly. Ashlee is a dedicated mother to three children, she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her kids, family and friends.  Ashlee is a child at heart and loves to be a free spirit.  Her role models are her mom and sisters.


Angie is one of our amazing Physical Therapy Aides.  She is highly motivated by the friendships and connections established with patients.  She is also motivated by seeing our patient’s improvements while at Physical Therapy.  When she is not helping us deliver exceptional patient care Angie is at home baking with her daughter or playing outdoors with her son.  Angie is inspired by staying focused on her short and long term goals.  Angie’s hero is her mother, she is inspired by her kindness and this makes her want to be the best version of herself possible.  Something quirky about Angie? She still enjoys watching cartoons =)


Erica is one of our amazing Physical Therapy Aides.  She may be helping instruct you on the proper use of exercise equipment in the gym or may greet you in the front office as you walk in!  Erica enjoys spending time with her family and friends, shopping and playing Volleyball.  Erica is motivated by working in a Physical Therapy clinic as she is able to help and watch people improve their health and sees the difference Physical Therapy is making in our clients lives on a daily basis!  Erica says her Mom is her hero, she says her family has inspired her to become strong and independent.  Erica enjoys making people laugh often.  She can always be found to have a smile on her face and to just improve the outlook of your day!